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9 February 2012

FESTUNG GUERNSEY paperback to launch at Liberation 2012

Clear Vue plan to publish the festung guernsey as a partwork comprising a series of paperbacks. Each volume will be perfect bound and A4 in size and will have three colour pages, the chapter heading, coastal map and fire plan, the remaining pages will be black and white.

The first volume will be made up of chapters 3.1 and 3.2 of volume two of the Festung. These two chapters detail the fortifications along the east coast from St Martins Point to St Sampsons. We have chosen these chapters as the resulting book will a strong appeal to locals and visitors alike.

In order to publish every section we are looking for subscribers who wish to commit to buying all 10 volumes. As the chapters vary in size so will the books and their prices which will range from £15 to £20.

If you would like to subscribe to the partwork version of the Festung please register your interest by email and head it festung subscriber.