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27 January 2021


We have had a good run since the publication of the Festung Guernsey. The Legge Report won Best Limited Edition and Fine Binding at the British Book Awards, The Guernsey Lilly was a labour of love which rescued a very important project and The Cartographic History of the Channel Islands is prehaps the most beautiful of all the books we published. Our remaining stock is now with Extraordinary Editions and you will find their contact details on the shopping page. Paperback copies of Festung Guernsey are also still available. Many thanks for all your support and look out for The Book of Ebenezer Le Page which we hope Extraordinary will be able to bring to fruition.

26 January 2017


Our next project will be a cartographic history of the Channel Islands, the story of our island archipelago told entirely in maps from the very earliest representations of the islands through to the latest modern maps.

The image opposite is one of the marble tests that Gemma Lewis is carrying out for us, we hope that a variation on this design will be used for the end papers in the book.

10 February 2014


The Folio Society now have their web page live, click here if you wish to buy a copy of the limit edition. Its already proving popular so please don't delay.

For more lovely Channel Island books click here


22 January 2014


I am delighted to be able to announce, that such has been the response to our campaign to persuade the Folio Society to publish a definitive edition of The Toilers of the Sea, that they have decided to go ahead and the book is now in production.

 The Toilers of the Sea has never been published with Victor Hugo’s original artwork. The 36 images he bound into his original manuscript are absolutely stunning and help bring a whole new perspective to this the greatest of all Channel Island novels.

 The Folio Society have now finalized their design, which features Hugo’s image of the steamship Durande on the slipcase and his famous Octopus on the cover. It is quarter leather bound in a dark brown leather and will be published in April in a limited edition of 1500 copies at £195 each. Islanders can still reserve a copy by contacting Martin Morgan on 077.220.57184 or

30 October 2013


We launched our campaign to persuade the Folio Society to create a limited edition of Victor Hugo's Toilers of the Sea in Guernsey last weekend. There was a piece on the Channel TV evening news, which you can see by clicking here. There was also a fabulous centre page spread in the Guernsey Evening Press which has created a great deal of interest and which featured several images by Hugo, including his stunning image of Les Douvres which you can see beside this piece.

2 October 2013


The fourth part of our series of paperbacks of Festung Guernsey is now availabe. It comprises chapters 4.3, 4.4, and 4.5 and covers the coastal fortifications along the west and south coasts from Rocquaine to Corbiere.

The fifth part of the series, which is the final part of the coastal sections, is now in production and its cover is featured opposite.

12 April 2013

Toilers of the Sea

Toilers of the Sea

I have recently been chatting with Joe Whitlock-Blundell at the Folio Society. I was explaining that I had always wanted to see a full English translation complete with the 36 illustrations that VIctor Hugo bound into the original manuscript. I have long maintained that these images were as important to the novel as the text and that the two make a single integrated artwork. Joe is hugely enthusiastic and tells me that if I can find enough people to agree that Folio will produce one one their wonderful limited editions, complete with all the images. So I am going to start a Channel Island wide campaign to see if we can't get a complete Toilers published. Email me for more details: 

26 February 2013


The fourth part of our part work publication of the Festung Guernsey is now in production. This part comprises chapters 4.3, 4.4 and 4.5 from the second volume of the original. Part Four is due in June 2013

For further information email


12 February 2013


The third part of our partwork publication of the Festung Guernsey is now published. This part comprises chapters 3.6, 4.1 and 4.2 from the second volume of the original and show in detail the coastal fortifications along the west coast from  Grand Havre through Cobo and Vazon and down to Perelle. They are for sale in all good Guernsey retailers. For further information email


17 October 2012


The second part of our partwork publication of the Festung Guernsey is now published. This part comprises chapters 3.3, 3.4 and 3.5 from the second volume of the original and show in detail the coastal fortifications along the west coast from St Sampsons and around the north of the island to Grand Havre. They are for sale in all good Guernsey retailers. For further information email


21 September 2012

GUERNSEY LILLY on display for the Nerine Festival

The first bound copies of the douglas facsimile and Helen Brock's companion volume will be on display at the Priaulx Library, Candie Gardens during the Nerine Festival IN guernsey from the 6th to the 20th October 2012.

The Priaulx Library is open from 9.30am to 5.00pm, Monday till Saturday and is to be found above the festival greenhouse, at the northern end of Candie Gardens.

We hope that the library will also have on display their two original Douglas manuscripts and related materials.


31 May 2012


Having made its debut at the Antiquarian Book Fair at Olympia The King's Survey of the Channel Islands - aka The Legg Report will feature in Aurigny's Inflight magazine this summer. Copies of this most beautiful of Channel Island books can be seen at the Priaulx Library in Guernsey and at the Societe Jersiaise in Jersey

9 February 2012

FESTUNG GUERNSEY paperback to launch at Liberation 2012

Clear Vue plan to publish the festung guernsey as a partwork comprising a series of paperbacks. Each volume will be perfect bound and A4 in size and will have three colour pages, the chapter heading, coastal map and fire plan, the remaining pages will be black and white.

The first volume will be made up of chapters 3.1 and 3.2 of volume two of the Festung. These two chapters detail the fortifications along the east coast from St Martins Point to St Sampsons. We have chosen these chapters as the resulting book will a strong appeal to locals and visitors alike.

In order to publish every section we are looking for subscribers who wish to commit to buying all 10 volumes. As the chapters vary in size so will the books and their prices which will range from £15 to £20.

If you would like to subscribe to the partwork version of the Festung please register your interest by email and head it festung subscriber.